To provide Gippsland, at an individual and organisational level, information, consultation and facilitation to enable action on climate change, whilst also providing a voice for Gippsland on climate change issues.

About the Gippsland Climate Change Network

Formed in 2007, the Gippsland Climate Change Network Inc. (GCCN) is an incorporated not-for-profit network of approximately 50 diverse member organisations across government departments and agencies, private businesses, community groups and other organisations, covering the six local government areas across the greater Gippsland region.

Through its three delivery pillars of Informing : Connecting : Acting, the GCCN aims to provide the following services to Gippsland’s business, government and community sectors:


Providing information on the impacts, opportunities and response to climate change in Gippsland

  • Monthly electronic updates on regional, state and international events, policy, funding, resources and news related to climate change

  • Providing a clearing house for climate change adaptation and mitigation information and activities to enable a more efficient regional response

  • Hosting business forums providing access to industry leaders on energy efficiency and landscaping sustainability best practice


Identifying, supporting and coordinating actions that are responding to climate change

  • Monthly networking events with presentations from local and state based experts

  • A one stop focal point for regional climate change and sustainability related information and contacts

  • Promoting and linking organisations working on climate change initiatives throughout Gippsland

  • Identifying and providing project partnership opportunities

  • Advocacy & consultation body on climate change related issues

  • Providing a forum for educators within the region to improve the level and quality of education for sustainability


Taking on a leadership role and managing selected projects that enable Gippsland to mitigate and adapt to climate change

  • Scoping a GCCN Fellowship program to improve the understanding of the impacts of and response to climate change for the region’s business, government and community leaders

  • Providing tools and resources to support Gippsland's communities and community organisations to tackle climate change

  • Supporting, promoting and demonstrating energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities within Gippsland