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Key Objectives

The agenda of the GCCN is summed up in three words; Informing, Connecting, Acting.
Within these themes the GCCN will focus on the following objectives.


  • Accelerate awareness of the cause and impact of rising atmospheric temperatures
  • Provide objective and independent advice on regional GHG issues to all levels of government
  • Report against regional progress towards mitigation and adaptation projects


  • Facilitate the development of mitigation and GHG targets
  • Facilitate collaboration between organisations and individuals in the adaption to climate change
  • Provide key links between citizens organisations and local government in implementing mitigation
  • Embed the connection between climate research science and regional planning


  • Urge action by regional government, community and industry to reduce emissions
  • Commission external advice and assistance to deliver projects and programs in adaptation and mitigation action in Gippsland
  • Develop recommendations and regional climate research priorities and facilitate the development of research projects and implement findings