The way we generate energy is changing


In 2021, renewable energy sources generated 26% of Victoria’s electricity. We’re on a mission to help grow this amount.

We believe that sustainable work is locally led. Along with supporting groups in Gippsland implement community-owned energy projects, our team helps promote practical clean energy solutions so everyone can benefit from renewable energy future.


We provide technical support to communities in Gippsland that want to take control of their energy use. Our team is made up of renewable energy professionals, project and engagement staff – all hired locally. Our actions are guided by the principles of neutrality, accountability, and innovation. We are a non-profit and member-based organisation.

As one of seven community power hubs state-funded by the Victorian government and delivered by Sustainability Victoria, we are committed to building Gippsland residents’ knowledge of, and involvement in community-led renewable energy projects.


Our team conducts independent evaluations to determine energy need and assess what assistance to provide. Different criteria determine what we do, such as the scope of a given sustainable idea, the stage of buy-in in the community, the levels of access to technicians, and the added value we can bring to the project. We regularly assess our approach, seek-out new best practices, taking into account what other organisations do.

Every community we work with, the circumstances are unique. Nonetheless, our program generally offers a set of services so that we are working to maximum effect.

Technical Advice – Support to understand the technical and legal requirements for community energy projects including behind the meter agreements and power purchase agreements.

Financial Support – Assistance with project budgets and funding sources

Connecting Communities – Providing links and partnerships between communities of shared interest and building support for renewable energy service providers in Gippsland. This includes hosting energy literacy information events to build community of best practices


At the centre of GCPH are partnerships with local climate groups and their communities.

The Gippsland Climate Change Network is the lead organisation of GCPH, working with its partners, Energy Innovation Cooperative and the Mallacoota Sustainable Energy group.

We welcome partnerships with community groups from across Gippsland, energy consultants, councils and renewable energy businesses.

We’re Solution-Focussed

Our team take existing energy solutions, location, and service support into account when working on projects. From using local technicians who understand Gippsland’s complex power system to experienced local renewable energy installers, we work to make sure we’re supporting the most appropriate energy solutions for each community.


Chris Barfoot,
Project Officer Morwell

Chris, an engineer, has over thirty years’ experience, in all aspects of power generation and mining in the Latrobe Valley. He moved into renewable energy sector in 2017 and project managed several major community energy projects since.

John Coulter,
Project Officer Cape Patterson

John, a sustainability consultant, has over a 12 years of experience guiding renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. He’s lived in Gippsland for 21 years and knows the negative impacts disruption of energy supply has on safety of local communities and how transitioning to clean energy can change this.  john.coulter@gccn.org.au


A community energy project is one in which a community is involved in initiating, developing, owning, operating and/or benefiting from renewable energy and energy efficiency development. All community energy projects are unique, just like their communities. They differ in many ways such as their size, the technology used and how they’re funded. What they have in common is an understanding that motivated communities can take action to reduce emissions and become more resilient.

Benefits may  include:

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Increased energy self-reliance
  • Income generation
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of renewable energy, and
  • Increased community cohesion through working together toward a shared vision.


Although we don’t have our own funding to cover community energy projects we can help communities access funding sources such as these:


No matter where your community is at with its energy control journey, or how much experience it has with energy technology, you can get help to develop and design your sustainable idea –  and you can start right now.

Getting started is as easy as sending us an email or giving us a call. 1800 839 007


Explore the work we’ve been doing with communities in Gippsland to cut energy costs and protect our environment.

Neerim South Hospital: solar installation
Lucknow Football Club: battery installation
Coronet Bay: solar installation

The following programs are some of the highlights from the Sustainability Victoria Pilot Program, Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub. The pilot program ran from 2017- 2020 and GCCN was the lead organisation.

Licola Wilderness Village: off-grid system
Yinnar Community Footpath: solar lighting
Yinnar Art Resource Collective: renovations with solar
Loch Sport Community Hall: community donation
Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation: solar farm
Traralgon Neighbourhood House: connections to funders for solar installation