Community Power Hub March 13th Event

As part of the ‘Let’s Energise Gippsland’ campaign, the Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub – which enables the setting up of community-owned projects in renewable energy – will hold a presentation afternoon at the Morwell Bowls Club on March 13 between 10 and 2 pm. The LVCPH is managed by Gippsland Climate Change Network.

The keynote speaker at the event is prominent Renewable Energy Advocate (Victoria’s first), Simon Corbell, previously Deputy Chief Minister for the ACT and Minister for Climate Change and the Environment. Mr. Corbell succeeded in putting in place a target of 100% renewable energy for the ACT by 2020. He was a joint winner of the Banksia Foundation’s Gold Award for the ACT Solar Auction program in 2015, and has been recognized by the Clean Energy Council and the Climate Alliance for his work in championing the clean energy transition in Canberra and nationally. He is a Patron of the Australian Solar Council, an Adjunct Professor of the University of Canberra and an Honorary Associate Professor of the ANU Energy Change Institute.

The event will also mark the launch of the Gippsland Climate Change Network’s strategic plan, and include panel discussions. Lunch will be provided.

The Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria has committed to develop community-owned and operated renewable energy projects in three regional areas across Victoria, one of which is the Latrobe Valley. With the others in the Ballarat region and in Bendigo, the Community Power Hubs (CPH) program aims to support Victorian communities with the skills and expertise required to develop and deliver community-based renewable energy projects. These are characterised by local ownership, participation and benefit sharing, so power is generated locally, used locally and the savings stay local.
A community energy project might entail placing solar panels on a local community building. The power generated would be sold to the building owner at a price lower than the current power bill with the funds raised going to repay the capital costs of the panels, with a fee going to the Hub for administration and management. This is an example only and power hubs can choose from among the range of community-level generating technologies available, establishing their own financial models to generate community power.

The Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub (LVCPH) is managed and hosted by the Gippsland Climate Change Network, encompassing the municipalities of BawBaw, Latrobe and Wellington. See
Community Power Hubs

For further information contact:
LVCPH Chris Barfoot 0407 347481
GCCN Ian Southall 0413 590220